Meditation and Counselling from Heart to Heart

Would you like to...

  • be more calm and serene?
  • enjoy your daily life more consciously due to mindfulness?
  • learn about Buddhism without too much jargon?
  • connect ancient traditional wisdom with evolutionary consciousness?
  • get individual guidance on your personal path to liberation?

Then I am happy to be there for you.

If you live near Kiel I am happy to come to your home, otherwise we meet online. You don't need any prior knowledge and do not be a member of any particular belief system. I am sitting on a chair, you can do the same or use a cushion or bench.

Mostly, an hour is enough. Typically, I lead a guided meditation at the beginning and at the end, in between you can ask questions. We arrange further meetings according to your need. 

Please note that I am not qualified to give medical or psychological treatment or advice. If you are physically or mentally ill, please tell me at the beginning of the first session. Often I can be an additional support parallel to or after completion of your medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.  

What is Mind Training?*

Just as we train our body in the fitnessstudio and our brain in  university, in meditation we train our mind or our heart, which is the capacity to be clear and loving. 

In the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition the term "Mind Training" (Lojong) is used for a particular method, in which negative circumstances in our daily lives are used for further development.  I chose this term for my company name, because this method has helped me a lot in times of crisis. 


*in German language, I use the translation "Heart Training" for "Lojong", because the German word "Geist" indicates more the intellect and we do not have a more general word like "mind". In Asian languages, mind and heart are synonymous.